Want to Take a Guatemala City Tour?

Some of the things that attract visitors to Guatemala City tours include her outdoor sports and nature that thrill them. These outdoor sports include mountain climbing, surfing, scuba diving, nature walks, horse riding, shopping, and bird watching. She is home to various museums that preserve her culture and history thereby making it a favorite among its visitors. The city of Guatemala has a fascinating nightlife and the people here love to party. Visitors enjoy watching live performances and dancing to the beautiful tunes of their authentic music.

The Guatemala City tours are not complete without taking day tours to her various attractions to sample the bests of the lands. The zoos and aquariums add to its fun and this makes it suitable for the whole family. There is no dull moment for children as they watch the interesting animals and the many types of fishes. The buildings here exhibit a beautiful and unique architecture that makes the buildings stand out prominently. The security is also fantastic and visitors feel free to walk around the beautiful city though there are some no go zones.

The cultural life will feature prominently during this Guatemala City tour as she is home to many artists. She has many museums that are graced with the beautiful works of its many artists. Galleries are also available here in their numbers and they display creative pieces of art that include photography, paintings, sculptures and engravings. Guatemala is also home to many theatres where people meet to celebrate the plays that provide a good leisure for visitors. Handicrafts are showcased in the Guatemala central market and they will have an opportunity to buy enough to take home as souvenirs.

Accommodation while on a Guatemala City tour is made possible by her many hotels that come in their splendor. These hotels meet the high standards in terms of service and quality and this makes them the most sought after while on a tour in Guatemala. These include the Camino Real Hotel, the Jungle Lodge, The Isla de Flores, the Ni扵un, the La Lancha, the Peten Esplendido and the Del Patio among others. These provide guests with a home-away-from-home feeling with their exotic d閏or and sumptuous cuisine that is influenced by Guatemala mixed cultures. Both ways, a Guatemala City tour is a must-go and there will always be something unique to see.

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