Learn Spanish In Guatemala

Guatemala City is a thriving metropolis complete with many large freeways, public transportation, and a rich history of Mayan culture. It has the least amount of options when trying to find Spanish schools in Guatemala, however, and may be distracting because of all the modern night life attractions it offers.

Guatemala City may be the last place out of the three that your efforts should be focused on when wanting to study abroad to strictly attend Spanish schools in Guatemala. If you desire cultural study and historical significance relating to the Mayan Culture, though, Guatemala City has much to offer.

Quetzaltenango is another place where students try to travel to learn Spanish while studying abroad. It could be considered a better choice than the capital, due to less of a hectic metropolis feel and higher concentration of Spanish schools. It is still a large city, Guatemala’s second most populated at over 300,000, but is a popular destination for language immersion.

The Minerva Spanish School and Cultural Center is a strong choice for schools in Quetzaltenango. According to their website, the courses there are built around the specific students that enter the course.

Plenty of one-on-one time with the instructors is available, who each have over five years of teaching Spanish as a second language. As well as the language of Spanish being taught, the culture of Spanish speaking regions, and history is taught. Many opportunities to study outside of class are available for each student, and the teachers will assist in pointing students in the right direction to make the most out of their experience while studying abroad in Quetzaltenango.

The school’s programs will also make sure to set you up with a family for a home stay experience.

The Minerva center was founded in 1990 and for the past twenty years has taught students a strong foundation of Spanish culture, economics, history and application of language skills in a modern global economy. With programs built around peace, environmental awareness and education, the Minerva Spanish School and Cultural Center was awarded the prize of High Quality of Education from the Municipal Government of Quetzaltenango presented by the Mayor in 2003. Only the top ten schools in the Western world for Spanish learning received the award that year.

In Antigua, there are the most choices for Spanish schools in Guatemala. It is a much smaller city, with less than 50,000 people, but well over 75 schools that teach Spanish. By far the most popular destination for students desiring to learn Spanish while studying abroad, it is rich in culture and history, being the previous capital of Guatemala settled by Spanish Conquistadors in the Colonial era.

As you could see, there are many options for those that want to learn Spanish in Guatemala. It is just a matter of doing proper research before going there.

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